Should you hire an electrocution attorney after being electrocuted?

An electrical injury or death can be devastating to the whole family. An electrocution can also be financially catastrophic. Unfortunately, some employers, power line and electric companies do not care. Even some insurance companies treat electrocuted workers and innocent victims unfairly. These companies often put pressure on victims to not file an electrocution lawsuit. They do not want to pay the money to which these electrocution victims are legally entitled. Sometimes they will even defend these cases when they have no basis for a legitimate defense. Therefore, we believe strongly that it is in your best interests to hire an experienced electrocution lawyer team to help you with your electrocution lawsuit. Electrocution Lawyer – Nationwide

Electrocution attorney team files 25 million dollar lawsuit.

On February 21, 2017 Cliff Roberts and his team filed an electrocution lawsuit for their client that was working at a Fair & Music Festival in Tennessee.

As our client was setting up the ride he was operating, the travelling amusement park company was raising a separate “thrill ride” consisting of a “loop” that, when operating, stands at least 58 feet tall. As the Amusement company raised their loop ride to its vertical position, the ride struck a 13,000+ high-voltage power line 35 feet overhead.


The high-voltage current traveled from the power line down the Amusement ride and ultimately into our client who stood at the controls of a different ride nearby. The high-voltage current surged through his body entering through his right hand as he held on to his ride’s controls. Our client became “frozen” to the controls. He was electrocuted, immobilized, and in excruciating pain. He suffered enormous physical injuries as a direct result. Finally, the current exited his body by exploding out the bottom of his left foot. After he managed to free himself from the controls of his ride and he crawled off the ride, his left foot and shoe were on fire. He slumped on a nearby bench while bystanders rushed to his aid and they called 911.

Emergency personnel arrived and rushed him to a nearby hospital. Doctors at the hospital performed surgery on his severely injured left foot. Over the course of the next month, doctors performed two more surgeries before he could leave the hospital. Unfortunately, our client has endured additional surgeries since leaving the hospital and extensive treatment. We believe he sustained permanent injuries and damages as the direct result of the Defendants’ negligence. For this client we are claiming suffered damages including, but not limited to past and future: pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, disfigurement, loss of earning capacity, and medical expenses.

What types of damages will your electrocution lawyer ask for in an electrocution lawsuit?

Being a lawyer for over 30 years, I can say that an electrocution attorney should make seeking money damages as compensation for those who are wrongfully injured or killed a top priority. Although my firm cannot absolutely guarantee a recovery in every case, money damages that are requested for electric shock accident victims by an electrocution lawyer may possibly include money for a victims past and future physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, disfigurement, physical and mental impairment, medical expenses, loss of earnings, and pre-judgment and post judgment interest.

Select cases award loss of consortium, loss of household services, loss of services of a minor child, loss of part of the body loss of mental and intellectual functioning, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of inheritance, bystander emotional and mental anguish, loss of chance, pecuniary loss, loss of love and affection, and funeral and burial expenses. Furthermore punitive damages may possibly be sought in cases where the responsible party was grossly negligent or acted intentionally. The damages requested will depend on which State laws apply. It may also depend on if State or Federal filing has occurred in addition to many other factors.
electrocution and personal injury lawyer Cliff Roberts

What types of electric shock injuries justify our involvement.

We will look at electrocution cases nationwide as we have the capacity to work with teams of experts in other states. However, as an electrocution lawyer team we only focus and concentrate on cases involving serious injury and/or death. The reason being is that these types of cases can be very costly to pursue and costly to litigate. An electrocution lawsuit may require several experts to present your case properly so it must be justified by selecting only serious injury or death cases. Therefore, even if there is a 3rd party at fault we do require proof of severe permanent injury in the medical documentation (Discharge Summary or Medical Records) prior to sending a contract and medical authorization to evaluate this case any further.

Electric shock injuries.

Certain injuries may include paresthesia, which is a tingling, prickling, numbing or sometimes a burning sensation. Paresthesia can be short-term depending on the extent of the electrocution. Depending on the exposure to the electricity, nerves could also have been damaged. Electric shock can cause blisters, burns and wounds. Electrocution might render a person incapable of his or her normal mental function. The person might be slow to think or talk. He or she might also be delirious, dizzy or faint. Symptoms of respiratory arrest can also arise from electrocution. When electrocuted, the person might also have seizures.

Signs of seizures include locked muscles and a shaking, trembling body. A person suffering from a seizure can bite his or her tongue or foam at the mouth. If the person suffered from electrocution, his or her skin might be white or pale. The mucus membrane of person with a darker complexion will appear blue. Permanent peripheral neurologic injury at the entry site of the current is extremely common after electrical injury. Neuropsychological sequelae of electrical injury are common. This can include behavioural changes and difficulty with verbal memory and attention. Electrocution can cause depression and posttraumatic stress disorder. Cataracts may also develop over time. Of course pain is a common complaint after an electrical injury. Long-term sequelae of electrical injury

How does an electrocution happen?

Shock can occur as a result of contact with a power line or where a ladder, tree cutting tool, scaffolding, crane, truck, or other high reach equipment has come in contact with an exposed electrical current. A shovel, jackhammer, or other contact with an underground line can cause shock. Accidental contact can also take place with exposed electrical sources. Electrical arc flashed from power lines can occur especially in moist conditions. Faulty electrical wiring with power cords, wall outlets, electrical cords and extension cords can also cause severe shock.

Defective products such as hair dryers, microwaves, lamps, lights and other electricity-powered items can present dangerous problems. Unsafe commercial kitchen or industrial environment can be hazardous. Faulty lamp, pumps, equipment, wiring, grounding or bonding in a swimming pool can cause serious injury and death. There are many other ways that electric shock or electrocution can occur. It can occur climbing a tree, flying a kite, fruit picking or other activity.


We rely on intensive case preparation which may involve one or all of the following:

Accident scene investigation with victim photographs are taken before healing, all witnesses are interviewed, medical records are retrieved, experts in the medical, economic, reconstructive, and many other fields may be interviewed and/or retained. State of the art demonstrative evidence may also be compiled, including computer simulations or reenactments, medical illustrations, flow charts on damages, and scaled models. Day in the life video projections may be produced. We have nationwide networking capabilities with the capacity of using national database exchanges.

Comprehensive legal and factual investigations follow case investigation. We commit to the highest ethical standards. Our relationships with our electrocution clients are always privileged. Everything the law firm learns about you may remain confidential. We will honor and preserve the sanctity of the attorney-client relationship. Shock victims can feel good disclosing everything to us. We will also remain on call 24 hours for emergencies. We will visit your home or hospital as well, if requested. Transportation can be provided for all necessary visits.

Our overriding principle belief is the fact that we believe that shock victims deserve compensation. As a result, we strive to recover maximum cash damages. A majority of these cases will settle before trial.  However, we may file a lawsuit in an effort to force a fair payment in your case. Most importantly, we believe in fighting for you until you get the justice you deserve. Electrocution Lawsuit

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