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April 30, 2021 – 3M Co. lost the first lawsuit to go to trial over the safety of earplugs it sold for years to the military. 3M was found liable on Friday for damage suffered by three U.S. military veterans who accused the company of covering up design defects in its earplugs, a blow to 3M which faces more than 200,000 similar claims.
The jury awarded a total of 7.1 million dollars to three veterans. Each of the plaintiffs were awarded $2.1 million in punitive damages and compensatory damages for their medical expenses, lost earnings and pain and suffering.
The company was accused of hiding design flaws, fudging test results and failing to instruct the military in proper use of the earplugs.

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3M Company previously paid $9.1 million

to resolve allegations that it knowingly sold the U.S. military defective earplugs. The Company allegedly sold its dual-ended Combat Arms Earplugs, Version 2 (CAEv2) , to the Defense Logistics Agency without disclosing defects that decreased the actual effectiveness of the hearing protection the device offered. It was alleged that 3M and its predecessor, Aearo Technologies, Inc., were aware that the earplugs were too short for proper insertion into users’ ears. As a result, the earplugs could gradually loosen until they did not perform the desired noise cancellation for certain individuals. Because CAEv2 could be easily dislodged, the service member wearing them was exposed to a high risk of permanent hearing damage and tinnitus.

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It is clear that military personnel have filed 3M earplug lawsuits and claims for settlement all over the country. We firmly believe that 3M has not taken any steps to help the thousands of service members who are now suffering from permanent hearing loss or tinnitus. Our team of attorneys have had the distinct pleasure of representing countless numbers of veterans in product-liability lawsuits.

In addition, lawsuits have been ordered consolidated into a multi-district litigation (MDL) in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida. We are pleased to report that the transfer will put the cases in front of the Honorable M.C. Rogers, District Chief, who herself, is a veteran of the United States Army.  Judge Rogers is experienced and well qualified to handle cases like the ones involved in this earplugs multi-district litigation.

Furthermore, we are currently representing a large number of military personnel across the United States as a result of the defective 3M earplugs. Our team has decades of experience in battling large companies such as 3M and would welcome the opportunity to help you or a loved one if hearing loss or tinnitus is involved.

We believe that 3M

  • Knew or should have known about serious design problems associated with their combat earplugs
  • Failed to adequately research their earplugs;
  • Failed to warn about the risk of complications from the combat earplugs; and
  • Misrepresented the safety of the combat earplugs.


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**Roberts Law Office has joined forces with the prestigious Law Firm of  Fleming, Nolen & Jez L.L.P. in Houston, Texas in an effort to maximize our lawsuit efforts and resources in this fight against the manufacturers of the 3M combat arms earplugs. However, every case must be evaluated on its own merits and past success does not guarantee future recovery.**