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  A few of our Power Company case examples follow:
  • 1. Our client received serious electric shock and burn injuries. Shocked by a high-voltage line. He was cleaning the roof of his company. He was using a bucket man lift truck. Thereafter, he was shocked by arcing electricity. He was life flighted to a burn unit hospital. As a result, he had many surgeries. We sued several parties. The electric company that failed to correct dangerous electrical conditions. In addition, the man lift manufacturer which had defective warning mechanisms and inadequate instructions. Finally, the employer had violated OSHA and the NESC. The result was a beneficial confidential settlement being reached after lawsuit discovery.
  • 2. Our client was instructed to pull copper wire out of a junction box. He received a severe electrical shock. 42 days later he died. We sued the employer, the electric company, and the Department of Transportation contractor. We alleged that they failed to provide a safe workplace. They failed to train employees and subcontractors. In addition, they failed to supervise employees and subcontractors. A beneficial confidential settlement was reached after extensive lawsuit discovery.
  • 3. Our client was in a two man basket crane. He was working on electrical transmission lines. Our client was electrocuted installing jumpers on the lines and died. As a result, we sued the electric company, energy company, and industrial company. We also sued the utility company and infrastructure company.  Also responsible were the consulting and training company. Finally, we sued the crane company, the employer and general contractor. Many acts of negligence, OSHA code, and NESC violations occurred. We requested punitive damages. We proceeded to trial. The case settled for a beneficial confidential amount after a jury trial but before verdict.


The deadline for filing a claim varies by State. It will depend on the facts of each case. If you do not file your claim by the deadline, you may lose your right to recover any money at all. As an Electrocution Lawyer Cliff Roberts can tell you the specific deadline in your case. ELECTROCUTION LAWSUIT

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